About Trust

Shrimali Soni Adesara Parivar Satima Tejabaa Bhanji dada Trust is Non-Profit Organization. Trustees are keen Devotees. Selflessly they are here to serve the temple. They are very much keen to serve the society too as  “मानव धर्म, सर्वोच्ह धर्म”

From a Small temple to big campus with Providing Residential Facilities and a gaushala, Developing Trees and to maintain campus, with the blessings of mataji, Trust has managed all. Every year we organize Hawan and get to gather of all Adesara Family. Brothers from different part of the world join us. 

The Enthusiastic team of Trustee and Devotees Trust is looking forward to serve much more to the Temple, Society and the Nature.

# Member Name Village Designation
1 Adesara Mukeshbhai Harjivandas Ghandhidham Pramukh
2 Adesara Parshotambhai Hiralal Adipur Uppramukh
3 Adesara Mukundray Hadmichand Rajkot Uppramukh
4 Adesara Harshadbhai Dayabhai Limbadi Mantri
5 Adesara Mayurbhai Vallabhdas Rajkot Sah Mantri
6 Adesara Harsukhlal Hiralal Adipur Khajansi
7 Adesara Shantilal Dayalal Adesar Sah Khajansi

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