The greatest Software for Writing Your Dissertation

The greatest Software for Writing Your Dissertation

A study of alternatives to Microsoft term for thesis writing.

Lesley McCollum is PhD student in neuroscience during the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She can be followed by you on Twitter @lesleyamccollum.

I’m writing this post in Microsoft Word. It’s likely that, it is where you do a complete lot of one’s writing too. It’s easy, convenient, familiar, and gets the task done for easy text papers. There are a great number of wonderful features to MS term should you want to (or need certainly to) stay with it for the writing. If therefore, take a look at our post that is previous by on fast tricks for formatting in term.

Some tasks necessitate a little more compared to a word that is basic, however. Then you will likely agree that it’s not always the best to work with if you’ve ever spent too many frustrating hours trying to format a Word document with multiple tables and figures (why does my figure keep moving halfway off the page. I have been looking for an alternative to MS Word that is up for the job—something that can handle a large multi-chaptered document with robust formatting options as I embark on the dissertation-writing journey.

The software that is ideal be low priced (ideally free), fairly quick and painless to understand, and appropriate for a reference/citation supervisor. One barrier to changing software program is the fact that my mentor likes utilizing MS term to modify my papers aided by the track changes function. So an added bonus will be that files could be converted to easily .docx to help ease delivering them to my PI for reviews. Here are some non-Word choices We have run into in my own seek out the very best dissertation-writing software that seem become favorites:

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